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We at Quadrant believe in delivering a seamless experience in Quality Assurance and testing with a strong focus on enterprise digital transformation.

Our USP lies in the following three areas:

Business driven testing approach

Quadrant's business driven approach towards testing combines an optimal mix of traditional and next generation solutions to test software applications and IT infrastructure. We offer highly automated, on-demand testing environment to our clients across several industry verticals.

Comprehensive testing services portfolio

Quadrant offers a comprehensive portfolio of testing services that ranges from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing with an unflinching focus on minimizing defects and reducing test time and cost. Our services include Application testing, Automation testing, Manual Testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Localization testing, Mobile testing, Regression testing etc.

Emphasis on Quality Engineering

Quadrant has fully embraced quality engineering processes where both manual and automation quality assurance/testing tasks are coordinated in an efficient manner.

Application Testing

Quadrant's offers end-to-end software application testing services that help an organization in mitigating business risks, reducing costs and improving overall ROI. Our key capabilities in Application Testing are:

Framework driven approach

Experience with multiple technologies like, PhP, Salesforce etc.

Cloud based testing

Mobility testing

Core Testing Services

Through its core testing services Quadrant has been able to cater to varying needs of organizations in Quality Assurance and Testing.

Automation Testing

Quadrant's automation testing services focus on increasing test speed, improving test efficiency and software quality, reducing costs, reducing time-to-market and increasing test coverage. Key features of our automation testing services include:

Platform independent

Wide variety of automation testing tools like QTP, Silk Test, Win Runner, Selenium etc.

Experience with test scripting and reusability (Perl, Python, Shell scripts etc.)

Defect and Change Tracking tools

Manual Testing

Quadrant's manual testing services fill in the gap where automation tools cannot cope up when some software applications go through frequent changes. Key features of our manual testing services include:

Manual functional tests

Multi-platform (Desktop, Web & Mobile)

Bug tracking & reporting tools

System Integration Testing

Quadrant's system integration testing services ensure that the fully integrated system or application meets all functional requirements and data integrity is maintained. Key features of our system integration testing services include:

Black box System and Integration testing

Regression testing

Performance Testing

Quadrant's performance testing services help in determining capabilities of an application under load and in developing a deeper understanding of performance of the application.

Key features of our performance testing services include:

Capabilities in Web, Mobile, Cloud, Agile, SOAP performance testing

Application Performance Measurement, Analysis & Optimization

Load or Stress Testing using tools like Load runner, Silk Performer etc.

Mobility Testing

Quadrant's mobility testing services involve testing applications on several mobile platforms/operating systems, devices, testing scenarios, network connections and carriers. Key features of our mobility testing services include:

UI, Functional and Performance Testing of mobile applications

Multi-platform (iOS, Android, Windows)

Multi device

Quadrant is a preferred and reliable testing partner for many organizations across the world. We offer best-in-class testing services covering the gamut of software and hardware testing and leverage state-of-the-art testing infrastructure in delivering business value to clients consistently and in a scalable manner.