Digital Marketing—Quantity or Quality?

When we talk of marketing we all have come to believe the importance of Digital Marketing. While brands are shifting their focus and expenditure from traditional to digital medium. As digital the expenditure and reach on digital is measurable.

Given the above most brands are still missing the cohesive story telling on digital. Most brands understand digital as only social media, there is much more to digital. Social Media does give a brand – visibility and spreads brand awareness, the key is to do 360 marketing.

When we eat bread do we forget butter? Nope! Then when we talk about digital marketing why we forget SEO, Targeted reach, listening.

  • Sentiment analysis – Why sentiment analysis?

Ans: Know your consumer!

Brand should be aware of how is it perceived online. Assessing the brands image empowers the brand to push positive sentiment. Once aware of the sentiment brands can establish the connection with the right audience.

  • Reach over fan base growth to engagement:

Brands aim at getting more fans on social media, than reaching and engaging with the right audience which starts the problem. Quality is often the put second to quantity. While it should be the other way around, if you get 1000K people on your page but not interested in your brand. As an effect of which the page reach falls and impacts the ROI. Given that reach is not also not the right measure of success, brand should focus on engagement.

  • Engagement via Content:

We all have to agree to the fact that talking about sales and pushing products will never work. What we need is content which tells the brands story and focuses on creating intent as opposed to sales. Following awareness to right audience, intent creations sales will follow.

Imagine going to a fine dining and getting boiled potatoes and beans? Too basic?

While brands do everything under digital marketing, they forget the most essential ingredient. Going to Google to find what you need is the first thing, hence a SEO optimized website is sure to get your eyeballs. If the market is too competitive SEM (paid adverting) will sail you through.


Lastly, give everyone the right reason to stay with you. While the long-term focus should be on converting them to brand loyalists.


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