Social Media Optimization Important Factors

Social media optimization is not going anywhere but up in usage, regardless of the fortunate truth is, marketing techniques and tactics change, but their principles do not. Below are ten points on social media optimization, or getting the most out or your social media efforts.

  • Create Compelling Content – Use proven headline formulas with (lists, how to’s, popular & timely names and news), uniqueness, controversial, resource aggregation. The less often you write more compelling topics you need to cover. Do this on your blog, every tweet on Twitter, and every status updates on Facebook.
  • Target Relevant Connections – Your network, your friends’ trusted networks. Be friends with competitors and industry people, “likearatti” or “likearatti” on Facebook. Every person who likes your status update or comments is gold to you. Why? Social proof. You’re showing other people that other people like you and your content, this, in turn, creates more buzz. Success leads to more success.
  • Syndicate intelligently– It’s not always how large, but where. Instead of syndicating to 100s of social media sites, only a few matters and the audiences you’ve built on those networks. If you do spend loads of time syndicating to dozens of sites, make sure you use tools to optimize your efficiency. In regards to SEO, focus on getting does follow links from sites you can get control and quick update. Only put your most powerful posts and call favors for links to those posts. Ask for juicy keyword anchor text using your targeted keywords linking to your blog and individual posts.
  • Never Stop Growing Your Audience – is cold friending OK. If you want to know more about someone add he/her and start a conversation. Comment on something specific in his/her profile to get on their radar fast. Follow up again later.
  • Funnel back to Your Hub – Calls to action back to the site, teasers, giveaways, opt-in free whitepaper reports. You can’t convert if you do not filter your audience back to your website.
  • Update Content Consistency – Audiences prefer consistent short updates over a long time elapses. Set a 30-minute window and make as many connections and follow-ups managing current relationships by engaging others on their network and updating yours.
  • Show Social proof – Success breeds success. Who’re friends with who? Do you have common friends? How many comments have you attracted?
  • Influence the Influencers – Who are the most influential people in your network? How can you get on his/her radar? Use the Law of Reciprocity, promote others’ stuff, network offline provide value, etc.
  • Engage Your Audience – Buzz on your page. Make the “News Feed” not just the “Live Feed” on Facebook.

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