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Quadrant Systems Mobile App Development

Merchant Account Solutions

Web Development | Client Type : SMB | Microsoft ASP.Net

Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is one of the most innovative, fastest growing payment solution providers in the industry with various solutions tailored to fit business needs. With growing needs and demands on its website, it has approached Quadrant for providing additional features on site.

The Problem

Provide customized content management system using MVC and ASP.net enabling the site administrator to create different articles on credit card processing and related services. User would be able to type or upload various documents formats to reflect the content dynamically on website.

Our Solution

Implement the solution by understanding clients existing code and make additions to code in a seamless manner.

Interacted with client’s team to review and understand the code base to enable integration of new code with minimal issues.

Extensive regression and integration testing was done to ensure all integration wrinkles are ironed out

UI changes and Meta tag improvements were used to enhance the pages visibility during Google searches


Client was able to realize immediate benefits by showcasing these documents to their customers.

Improved visibility in Google searches

Multiple documents could be uploaded and edited enabling client easy content management.

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