Rule Based Business Process Management

Bumas Health Care


Buphe ( is a global Integrated Healthcare Management Company operating both in healthcare sector. Due to its growing needs and customer base, Buphe was in search for a new web based Business Process Management system that could be scaled to serve its customers across African and South Asian health care markets.

  • Web Development
  • Client Type: SMB
  • Platforms: Microsoft ASP.Net



Accomplish comprehensive Healthcare management system that could be scaled to absorb growing needs of its customer base across African continent and South Asian health care markets in an efficient and reliable manner. This platform was to be built using Microsoft technologies and Windows workflow foundation for Business flows and third party interfaces.

Quadrant has built an end to end business process management system that is multi lingual catering to the needs of companies’ clients spanning different countries.

Our Solution

Salient features of the system include

  • Store necessary business rules and policies in one repository sticking to no duplication tenet
  • Streamline current companies business processes across countries in Africa
  • Improve collaboration between various departments through workflow synchronization and communication channels
  • Fine grained security and delegation model
  • Admin panel enabling master and branch level admins to monitor and setup access levels and necessary business configuration parameters.
  • Extensive reporting and log features for analyzing the KPI, Payments and Receivables.


Buphe is rolling out the new system in phases and has started streamlining its processes. This is a significant success story for both Buphe and Quadrant and is a result of extensive and effective collaboration between client and development team.

Once this project is rolled out, Buphe is in plan to productize and sell it to other companies that are in similar space which is a testament to the flexibility that was built into the system.