Awareness About Government Services

Citizenship Quiz


Citizenship Quiz is a multi-lingual (English and French) mobile app developed to help immigrants build their knowledge about the host country.

  • Mobile App
  • Client Type: SMB
  • Platforms: iOS & Android


Client approached Quadrant to develop a study and quiz app, which is multilingual and helps users gain knowledge about the government and its policies. The app would include textual and video multiple choice quiz questions which can be accessed both real-time or offline.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed a user friendly quiz app on both iPhone and Android platforms with simple to use UI with current up-to-date questionnaire on citizenship.

Salient features of the app:

This app consists of questions all about Citizen government and its policies. This quiz has got 3 categories,

  • Random questions: Questions are shuffled each time, user accesses this category.
  • Timed quiz: After practicing random questions, user can try his knowledge with timed quiz.
  • Scores: After the timed quiz, user can assess his knowledge based on the scores displayed.


This quiz consists of questions which need pictures of certain places or people or a symbol. Hence, this quiz enables user to get equipped with the right information and relevant pictures.


This feature enables user to watch important videos in concern with Citizen government.


The app was very well received by users and there has been a significant increase in the number of quizzes taken, which is an indication of the app usage.