Custom CRM Development (PhP)

Marketing & Advertising Company

  • Web Development
  • Client Type: Marketing & Advertising Company
  • Platforms: php



Client wanted to develop a comprehensive cloud based CRM solution for small businesses around the world.


They wanted to build a solution that was all inclusive meaning it had capabilities like analytics & reporting, merchant account handling, order fulfillment integration, website edits, social media integration, affiliate marketing etc.


Quadrant developed an All-In-One CRM solution with the following key features:
  • Analytics: Proactive alert based reporting to centralize your reporting needs
  • Merchant Account: Load balancing, targeted sales mapping, cascading merchants and customize the data you want to send to your merchant
  • Fulfillment: Manage everything from your invoice and packing slip creation to handling customer requests with tracking number delivery and inquiries
  • Website Edits: Integrate your pre-existing HTML web site or quickly create your own landing page and launch the sale of your product in minutes
  • Brick and Mortar: Easily merge your online sales system with your POS storefront to create a single entity
  • Social Integration: Promote your company across all of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, from a single screen
  • Call Center: Single screen wizards let your customer service and call center efficiently manage your customer requests
  • Affiliates: Everything you need to manage your affiliate tracking without having to pay for expensive 3rd party add-ons


Client was very satisfied with the CRM developed by Quadrant and it was very user friendly for their customers. In the first 3 months after launch, client was able to sign up 700 customers.