Itox App Development



iTox is a mobile app developed to help Doctors record medications given to their patients for future reference.

  • Mobile app
  • Client Type: SMB
  • Platforms: iOS ( ipad )



Client approached Quadrant to develop an iPad app for Doctors to save their patient records. The app should be able to identify muscles on face & neck and retrieve the value of medicine injected into the muscle.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed a user friendly medication app on ipad to help doctors record their patients medical history.

Salient features of the app:

  • Enter multiple locations on a single muscle.
  • Doctor can view the existing patient record details like medication procedure and by selecting muscle position identifies the value of medicine injected on muscle.
  • Doctor can print or email records from the app.


The app was very well received by doctors and they are able to quickly retrieve the records of procedures done for a particular patient. This is not only saving time for them but also making them stand unique in health industry.