CRM For Globalizing & Managing



MES-CRM is a mobile app used by organization Sales representatives to manage the organization’s client contacts which will sync from Office 365 account or manual entry or contacts assigned by Admin which will sync with Sales Rep user account so that Sales representative will contact client and discuss about client requirements. Using this App Sales rep have the option to track the status of client discussions & project details by the options provided in the App like Contacts, Prospect and Opportunity. App also able to sync newly added client contacts manually in the App to Office 365 and Organization’s Database.

  • Mobile app
  • Client Type: Global Manufacturing Services Company
  • Platforms: iOS & Android



Client approached Quadrant to develop an app for globalizing & managing client contacts from Office 365 account and for assigning those contact details to sales representatives so that they will communicate with client and gets projects from organization’s clients. Client also wish to store all the conversation with client as notes in the App. App should also sync manually added contacts in the App into Office 365 and Organization Database.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed a user friendly App to help organization Sales representatives to manage their own contacts and also maintaining their activities during Prospect, Opportunity and Project.

Salient features of the app:

  • App is integrated with Office 365 to sync contacts
  • Contacts added in the App manually will sync with Office 365 and Database
  • Using App user can manage their contacts
  • Any modifications done by Admin in portal will sync with App
  • Using this App Sales representative can track client conversation history and can manage project status like Open or Close
  • Contact can be searched from a list of contacts for easy accessing


The app was very well received by the organization and it helped them to track their client contacts very easily. This is not only saving time for them but also managing contacts quickly.