A One-Stop-Shop Golfing Solutions Portal



Metrogolf360 portal is designed to create a one stop golf experience where all the needs and aspirations of golfers, golf courses, golf event sponsors and organizers are fulfilled.

  • Web Development
  • Client Type: SMB
  • Platforms: Microsoft ASP.Net



Client approached Quadrant to develop a comprehensive portal where golfers can register and network with each other, seek information about golf courses across the country, book tee-times, play in golf tournaments, sign up for golf lessons etc.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed an extensive website and web solutions using the ASP.Net platform.

Salient features of the app:

  • It provides golfers instant access to a nationwide network of golf courses where they can book tee times, register for golf tournaments/events, book golf lessons etc. On the other hand, golf courses will be able to distribute/list tee times, tournament slots, golf lesson packages etc. on the portal.
  • The golf group solution provide a step-by-step wizard that enables golfers to connect with other golfers by forming golf groups and organize tournaments for the group from start to finish.
  • The Golf Course Management Solutions helps golf courses streamline their day-to-day operations (saving time and cost) and also drive traffic to the course and increase course usage/revenue.
  • The Golf Event Management Solution provides an online interface for golf event sponsors and organizers to register participants for their events communicate to them effectively and manage the event from beginning to end.


The client was very pleased with the overall look and feel and extensive functionalities developed by Quadrant and the website is fast catching up as one of the leading golf portals in the country.