Paybev Online Transaction



Paybev is a web-based financial and regulatory ecosystem to manage voluntary beverage menu and promotional support for hotels, restaurants and bars.

  • Web Development
  • Client Type: SMB
  • Platforms: CorePHP
  • Online Transaction



All the information regarding payments and investments were previously tracked through google spreadsheet and excel files. It was becoming difficult and cumbersome to understand and track when a payment has to be made or when an investment is getting deposited. On top of that you had to calculate the consolidated statement for the month by applying the formula in excel. Client approached Quadrant to develop a comprehensive portal to track payments and investments from a single platform.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed an all-in-one web solution using PHP and MySQL.

Salient features of the portal

  • It provides restaurant, bars, hotels and other customers of PayBev instant access to the portal where they can track there payments and investments.
  • It also provides an interface to request for payments and investments.
  • The customers can contact investors directly through the portal.
  • Every time payment is being done or investment being made it will alert the customers with emails and text messages.
  • The system automatically generates consolidated reports on the first day of every month.


The client was very pleased with the overall look and feel and extensive functionalities developed by Quadrant. PayBev web portal has helped the client attract double their usual voluntary beverage alcohol supplier investments for branded events and activations.