Salesforce CRM Mobile Integration

Mobile Integration


Integration of with iPad mobile app and syncing of data between mobile app and

  • Salesforce
  • Client Type: University



Faculty members regularly visited community colleges for conducting educational workshops and seminars with students. Client (University) wanted to modify their existing iPad app in order to facilitate data collection about students and their educational interests. Client also wanted to make it easier for faculty to plan and manage their visits, conduct surveys among prospective students and send emails to students about the University and its benefits.

Our Solution

Quadrant recommended Salesforce CRM Mobile Integration as a solution to the problem. Quadrant’s Salesforce Mobile Automation team was able to integrate selective Salesforce APIs into client’s iPad app and customize the Salesforce Admin portal according to the specific needs of the client.

Salient features of the app:

  • Automated Field Activities: Manage, plan and execute end to end field visits, routine workflows for target colleges with up-to-date data synchronization with back office.
  • Student Feedback: Enforce student feedback integrating digital signature. Create new surveys and collect prospect information.
  • Summary Reports / Graphical Dashboard: Informative analytical reports, matrix reports and graphical dashboards providing real time information to management.


The iPad app with extended Salesforce features was very well received by both Faculty members and students and is being actively used. It has enabled the client to foster a stronger relationship with prospective students.