EFostercare is a secure online resource for any foster care.

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Quadrant Systems Web Development


Web Development | Client Type : SMB | ASP.Net | Foster care

eFosterCare is a secure online resource for anyone involved in providing foster care services

The Problem

Client approached Quadrant to develop a product for Employees to save their foster care records. The application should be able to generate different kind of reports in customized format.

Our Solution

Quadrant developed a user friendly responsive application to help the employees and administrators to manage their consumers/patients.

Salient features of the application:

Create and maintain progress notes

Ace CARF surveys and Agency inspections with up-to-date documentations

Take full control of your home from anywhere at anytime

Easy reminders on expiring CPRs, First Aids, license, training courses, etc.

Communicate securely with staff

Manage consumers and staff efficiently


The application was very well received by Providers, Admins and they are able to quickly retrieve the records of procedures done for a particular employee and consumer. This is not only saving time for them but also making them stand unique in foster care.

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